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Untalkative Bunny Eps 1-65


Untalkative Bunny

(“Bunny” or “The Bunny” depending on how well you know him!)

Untalkative Bunny is the iconic star of the series – his very own “Toon”. He is an upwardly mobile bunny, living in a real city of human scale.

He is generally outgoing; whether it be having fun at a disco, or just showing that he is the boss. But deep down he is a shy bunny-person, easily knocked out of his secure path by the likes of the Mean Emu.

In his own imagination  Bunny is really outgoing, and is an expert at many things. In reality he needs regular help from his friend & side-kick Red Squirrel.  

Red Squirrel is Bunny’s friend who shows up sometimes - usually just in time - to rescue the situation. In many ways Squirrel is Bunny’s - guardian angel. But usually he is far more concerned with the important task of gathering nuts!

Squirrel lives in the park but will often accompany Bunny on trips to the country, or to the movies. 

When Bunny’s imagination takes flight, Squirrel is sometimes there as part of the fantasy. But mostly Bunny is the link back to the real world when Bunny needs help most. Squirrel is a friend indeed, for a friend in need.

Mean Emu really is a mysterious bumptious character.

Mean Emu is very angry with The Bunny - and absolutely everyone & everything else for that matter. Nobody knows where he came from and everybody silently wishes he would go back there! 

He usually shows up at the most inconvenient times for The Bunny, thereby providing defining dramatic tension in Bunny’s adventures. Mean Emu is a most hilariously unendearing character.

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